Organized by: Centre of Contemporary Art "Soviart", Kyiv. Curators: Oleksiy Tytarenko (UA), Sam Hunter (USA). Producers: Viktor Khamatov (UA), Zorianna L. Altomaro and Alexander Demko (USA). Printing Design: Ihor Yaremchuk (UA). Multimedia Director: Boris Chykulay (UA). Music: Blank Disk (YU); Neva Wave (RU). Partners: Art Galleries Association of Ukraine, Art Association "BZ Art", Charity Foundation "Cultural Heritage and Contemporary Art of Ukraine", Zorya Fine Art Gallery, (USA)
Senior Research Associate Oleh Sydor-Hibelynda, National Academy of Visual Art and Architecture, Kyiv: "On the outside, the beehives look like something halfway between pagan sculpture and a centrifuge for endurance testing, between a blown up walnut and a children’s slide. Simultaneously extraterrestrial and very familiar, close to the essence of man and yet mysterious—and open to cognition." Read More
Emeritus Professor Sam Hunter, Princeton University: "Remarkable as sculpture, Apiary transcends its process, documentation and related works to become what Zhuravel intended in an ongoing series of works that draw on a singular symbol, the bee in its community and both, in turn, in harmony with nature." Read More
Christian Gusewski, Director, Gallery ARTRU, Runenberg, Switzerland: "The blossom, the nectar, the honey, the wax, the propolis—they form a cycle that sustains and heals our lives, the Earth and the Cosmos; this is the essence of the bee. To be in a community and in communion with the bees is to receive and care for the healing and life promoting forces of the Earth." Read More